Making Simple Sentences

Let’s face it, your exam marks determine an enormous amount of your future. Writing well is vital for a good essay mark. Yet, very little time is spent in schools or colleges on how to write well.

This article explains over the course of few lines how to change the use of main ideas in a sentence from ‘not very structured’ to ‘structured’ and thus go some way towards improving the clarity of the written speech which is produced by the typical student.

One of the things which may surprise the average reader is how varied the use of the noun can be. Often, main nouns convey your main ideas; so it is worth putting them at the front of the sentence.
In some sentences, nouns come at the end of the sentence whereas others they come at the beginning. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to put nouns at the start of the sentence in English.

For example, the following sentence can easily be made to flow more successfully with minor alterations,
“Going quickly, noticing many objects of art, interest and high culture, I was struck by the magnificence of Big Ben”.
“I was struck by the magnificence of Big Ben, going quickly and noticing many objects of art, interest and high culture.”

Notice that this is just one example of a sentence. Many possibilities occur in English and so, it is hard to make generalisations which remain true over a wide number of situations. Nevertheless, I believe the rule about main ideas near the start of the sentence does hold true.

A further example is instructive to develop a wider point:
Watching less television than their classmates (of a similar age) and studying hard should be the main instruction given to our children.

This could be written as:
“We should tell our children to study hard as we did at their age and also that they should watch less television than their classmates.”
Or my personal preferred choice, which would be.
“Children should study hard and watch little television.”
So, the main ideas at the start of the sentence often make things clear.
Using these ideas, I believe you will find making the main point of a sentence that bit easier. I also feel certain that this will help many students who find themselves wanting to improve their written communication in a hurry.

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